How to Mail Letters on Etsy

I own an Etsy shop as a part of my income. They have introduced a new feature that allows you to ship letters through the seller portal.

Etsy calls them “First-Class Mail Single-Piece Letters” or “First-Class Mail Single-Piece Flats”.

In general, the “Letter” option is more expensive than the “Flats” option, but they are the cheapest if you would like to mail letters instead of packages.


Steps to Purchase

Etsy has listed the weight limits on these types of mails, so it would be good to check the updated length and weight limits.

To purchase these labels, on the seller page, you can choose “Letter” or “Flat” as your purchase option.


Enter the length and weight of your letter or flat.


Just for reference, as of August 2022 here are the cost of the postage for a 7 by 5 by 0.2 “Letter”:

Weight (oz)Cost ($)
1 0.57

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