Deltarune Nubert Crochet Pattern Free

Everybody loves Nubert for no apparent reason!

This little guy is easy to make with the crochet pattern below.

This pattern is made for one sized yarn, so you are welcome to use any yarn size and its corresponding crochet hook to make your plush.


Single Crochetx
Single Crochet Increasev
Single Crochet DecreaseA


Below are the products I used to make Nubert.

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Nubert Body

Row CountInstructionsFinished Stitch Count
1Start the magic ring.
6 single crochets on the magic ring. Tighten the magic ring.
36(v, x)18
46(x, v, x)24
56(3x, v)30
76(2x, v, 2x)36
86(5x, v)42
21x, 10(3x, v), x52
224(6x, v, 6x)56
234(6x, 2v, 6x)64
244(7x, 2v, 7x)72
254(7x, 2A, 7x)64
264(6x, 2A, 6x)56
274(6x, A, 6x)52
28x, 10(3x, A), x42
296(5x, A)36
306(2x, A, 2x)30
316(3x, A)
Add some stuffing
326(x, A, x)18
336(x, A)12
Finish stuffing the body

Weave in the ends for the body.

The Smile!

Add a smile using the image template below.

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